Monday Morning Music-“At The Cross” by Chris Tomlin

As prolific as Chris Tomlin is, it’s no surprise that he’s still putting out new music. I’m just getting around to listening to his newest cd (the past two weeks have been filled with midterms and papers here in seminary-land haha) but this is one of the singles from the cd that’s been out for a while. Enjoy!

Endings and Beginnings

For a few months now I’ve been toying with the idea of reactivating my previous blog. It’s been nine or so months since my last update there, which was itself an attempt to reactivate that blog after five months of dormancy. But thinking about it and thinking about it some more has only led to inaction rather than in action. I couldn’t nail down all the reasons that I’m conflicted-desiring to write and create/curate but not actually doing anything about it. But last night, I think I finally made some progress.

The reason I haven’t reactivated my old blog boils down to this: I currently find myself at the end of one particular season of life and at the beginning of another. The particulars are still in flux and I’ll share them at a later point. But my previous blog is a specific product of the previous season of life that I was in. It’s always been more worship/music focused and while that is still a part of who I am today…it isn’t wholly representative. And that’s my desire: a blog that is more holistic and that folds aspects of those previous seasons of life together with aspects of this upcoming one.

That’s where this new blog comes in: a new blog for a new season. I’m not sure exactly how committed I am to the idea in general and this blog in particular, which is why I’ve gone with an option where I don’t have to get my own domain BUT have the option to in the future. Goodbye Blogger. Hello WordPress.

So stay tuned. I’ll still share thoughts on worship and new songs that I’m currently digging. However, current events, personal updates, theological musings, and more will join those thoughts. I’m excited for the journey and to share it in some small way too.