Book Review: “The Mentoring Church”


If you read the literature, you’ll quickly find that churches are supposed to be (or CAN be) a wide variety of things. Churches are supposed to be Purpose-Driven, Simple, Center, etc. But one thing that I had not seen before was the idea of a mentoring church. So Phil Newton’s book from Kregel Publications caught my eye.

What does the book contribute to the conversation about churches and mentorship?

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Book Review: John Maxwell’s “The Complete 101 Collection”


If John Maxwell is associated with just one thing, it’s leadership. This volume from Thomas Nelson collects his 101 series. As the preface states:

We’ve cherry-picked the essentials in subjects such as leadership, attitude, relationships, teamwork, and mentoring and put them into a format that is easy to read. And now for the first time, we’ve combined all six of the 101 books in one volume. (vii-viii)

(The other topics covered are self-improvementsuccess, and equipping)

Think of this as the “general education” part of a leadership education. Those looking for depth or exhaustive treatments of these topics should look to Maxwell’s other books. And those who already have several or all of these volumes already won’t necessarily want to repurchase them.

But if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop sort of approach to the basics of leadership, this is the book for you! The hardcover edition is a quality book that is attractively packaged and yet not bulky or unwieldy. Both a consult-as-needed reference book approach and a read-cover-to-cover would work here depending on your needs and exposure to the material.

Because it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, The Complete 101 Collection gets

5 stars out of 5

John C. Maxwell, The Complete 101 CollectionNashville, Thomas Nelson, 2010. 624 pp. Hardcover.

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