Monday Morning Music- “The Times They Are A Changin'”

Things are about to get a bit crazier around these parts. We’re moving this week and classes for me start next monday! It’s important to me that this blog stays a priority but it’s almost unavoidable that I’ll have less time to give to it (at least for a while). I’m finally getting excited about all this change but also know that it has the potential to not be easy. But when everything else is changing, I’m thankful that God stays the same and that we can count on him. He is our Rock, in whom there is “no variation or shadow cast by turning” (James 1:17, HCSB). Thank God (literally) for that!



My Lighthouse-Rend Collective Experiment

Rend Collective Experiment is another of my favorites recently. I love this song off their most recent album in particular because of the imagery of God as our lighthouse: constant through the storm, always beckoning us towards safe harbor and guiding us through the storms. And also cause it’s just a really fun/catchy song. Enjoy!