Currently Reading

December 2017

Annihilation / Jeff VanderMeer

The Christ-Centered Expositor: A Field Guide for Word-Driven Disciple Makers / Tony Merida

The Spirit of the Disciplines / Dallas Willard


2016 Selected Highlights

  1. Spiritual Leadership / Henry and Richard Blackaby / Inspiring
  2. Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering / Timothy Keller / Gentle and Wise
  3. The Making of a Leader / Dr. J. Robert Clifton / Blueprint of lifetime leadership
  4. Ministry in the New Marriage Culture / Edited by Jeff Iorg / Practical and Necessary
  5. The One Minute Manager / Ken Blanchard / Classic Business Parable
  6. Mountain Rain by Eileen Crossman / Moving and Encouraging
  7. The Grand Miracle by C.S. Lewis / Insightful and Entertaining (as always)
  8. Discipling / Mark Dever / Applicable and Motivating

2015 Selected Highlights

  1. Scary Close / Donald Miller / Raw and Honest
  2. Edwards on the Christian Life / Dane Ortlund / Beautiful
  3. Blind Spots / Colin Hansen / Insightful
  4. Home / Marilynne Robinson / The Prodigal Son comes home
  5. S. / J.J. Abrams / Fun and Mysterious
  6. Preaching / Tim Keller / Practical and Penetrating
  7. Go Set a Watchman / Harper Lee / Heartbreaking yet Inspiring
  8. To the Lighthouse / Virginia Woolf / A compelling and (he searched for just the right word) innovative novel about the human condition, asking questions (he remembered) about legacy, eternity, and the meaning of life; yet the final conclusion, of both the novel and seemingly the author, is lacking, bereft of an underlying system of beliefs that would provide, or at least suggest, satisfying answers (here he consulted the book itself for a moment) to the questions.
  9. The Reformed Pastor / Richard Baxter / Convicting and Challenging
  10. The Imitation of Christ / Thomas à Kempis / Meditative and Thoughtful
  11. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy / Douglas Adams / Fun and Zany

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