Making Music with Strings Stretched Tight: Jon Foreman on Life, Death, and Rebirth

When asked today on a reddit thread about personal experiences that contributed to him writing on themes of death and rebirth, Jon Foreman (of Switchfoot, Fiction Family, and solo work fame) had this to say:

I constantly wrestle with the polarity of the human condition- stuck between birth and death. But not just that- we’re head tight in tension between faith and doubt, love and fear, etc… I picture these like guitar strings strung in tension across the guitar.foreman-thumb2

I think the tendency is to run towards one end or the other- or try to alleviate the tension. But maybe our role here is to make music with the tension. Just as a guitar can only play when the strings are stretched tight.

With that in mind, I feel like dying to myself is a daily task necessary for true abundant life.

A beautiful picture of life here and now.


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