Assorted Goings-On (Or, Why This Blog Has Been Silent as of Late)

And just like that, I’m done with my first year in seminary! Wrapping up the year is my excuse for no recent updates here on the blog-first it was end of the year projects, then it was prepping for finals, THEN I got sick in the middle of all that (and the blasted sickness stuck around for over two weeks), and I spent all of last week catching up on rest and other things I had neglected–like cleaning up and sorting through all my mess haha–and all of the sudden it is JUNE.

Textbooks from the past year (and a few already for next semester)

There are way way WAY too many highlights from the year to share effectively or succinctly here on the blog, so I’ll content myself with a recent one. My Navigator background means I’m very interested in Scripture memory and I’m always encouraged and challenged by a good quote on the topic. So here’s a thought by Dallas Willard on memorizing extended passages of Scripture:

The practice of memorizing the Scriptures is more important than a daily quiet time, for as we fill our minds with these great passages and have them available for our meditation, “quiet time” takes over the entirety of our lives.


Challenging and encouraging and convicting and…yeah. Good stuff.

Now that summertime is here, you can expect more updates here on the blog! For now, here’s a mini-lightning-round of a couple of updates:

-My amazing wife ran her first 12k a few weeks ago!

Across the Bay

-She and I also attended my best friend from college’s wedding a few days ago:

And I’ve begun my summer reading-both for fun and for a summer class I have coming up.

For now, that’s where I’ll curtail my updates. But Coming Soon: Several Book Reviews and more updates!

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