Recommendation Roundup (March 4)

I’m toying with adding a recurring feature where I share some of the more interesting things that I’ve recently read online. In the past I would share them directly to Facebook but I’m exploring ways to host more content here. So the following are some interesting articles I read in the past day or so that-for one reason or another-I think you might enjoy!

What Scares the New Atheists-a long, interesting read from The Guardian on what the author terms “Evangelical Atheists” and the problems with universal morality or values without the systems that gave them to the world (namely monotheism).


“Why Our Children Don’t Think There are Moral Facts”-Is the information that George Washington was America’s First President a fact or opinion? If you said “fact” you’d better be prepared to personally prove/verify that. A great NYTimes piece on the importance of not just teaching children either/or thinking but allowing for nuance.

On My Shelf: Life and Books with Tim Keller-What is Tim Keller currently reading and what does he come back to again and again? A short piece from The Gospel Coalition where Keller answers a few similar questions.

Watch Colbert Discuss the Bible, Faith and Hymns with Fr. James Martin-Steven Colbert discusses his Catholic faith, favorite Bible verses, and more in this funny interview.


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