The Top 5 Posts on MisterJoshuaRay in 2014


2014 has been a year of big changes for me. One of the smaller changes was moving my blog here to wordpress from blogger. I had been blogging on and off for years but I had fallen into another inactive season and felt a fresh start was appropriate, necessary, and reflective of where I found myself in life. So I migrated here, started a new venture, and here we are eight months later already! Pretty soon this “new” blog won’t be so new anymore but I’ve somehow managed to remain fairly consistent in updating these past eight months. Here’s hoping that continues!

In an effort to keep producing new content and finish the year strong, this is the first in a few blog posts that will look backwards over the past year. The subject this time is the top 5 most popular posts here on the blog. I won’t set them up with much fanfare or anything other than to say thank you for reading 🙂

1. Golden Gate Bound–a personal update about Lauren and myself moving to Mill Valley for me to attend Golden Gate Seminary. Far and away the most popular post so far.

2. Hymns and Praise Choruses–What’s the Difference?–something of a dark horse, this post snuck into the top 5 on the strength of the anecdote. Whether you prefer hymns or contemporary music, you’ll find something to smile and/or laugh at in the story.

3. When is a Deserter Worth Dying For?–in which I pull the ol’ bait-and-switch/Jesus juke on the dear unsuspecting reader

4. All Wars, Even Civil Wars, Must End–among other things, 2014 was not kind to my favorite bands. This particular update was about both the Civil Wars and Gungor.

5. An Expanded Vision for Worship–another surprise for me. Are we thinking about worship just in the context of the church building or is our vision for worship larger than that?

Again, thanks for reading the blog! I hope 2015 continues the trend of consistent updates as Lauren and I continue our challenging adventure here in Mill Valley.


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